Clip-on Thermal Weapon Sights

CTS-220 Clip-on Thermal Weapon Sight
The Clip-On Thermal Weapon Sights CTS-220 are designed for medium-range engagements. Utilizing the quick release weapon mount, the CTS-220 easily attaches to and detaches from standard 1913 Picatinny rails in front of daytime scopes. This gives the operator the ability to deploy it on multiple weapon platforms without the need to dedicate a thermal scope. CTS-220 sights have built-in digital collimator which allows the easy matching with the host day scope.
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Optical Magnification 1x
Digital Zoom 2x - 4x;
Refresh Rate, up to 60 Hz
Thermal Sensitivity 50-65 mK
Spectral Response 8 to 12 microns
Internal Power 2 AA
Weight 0.47 kg
Dimensions 160x50x45 mm
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CTS-220 Clip-On Thermal Weapon Sight
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