Thermal Goggles

TIG-7 Thermal Goggles
TIG-7 is a bi-ocular system for an immersive thermal imaging experience. It enables law enforcement and military personnel to see heat signatures of objects, people, and other sources. TIG-7 detects extremely small differences in temperature, so that officers can distinguish people from their immediate surroundings. While darkness and camouflage can defeat conventional night vision, suspects cannot hide from TIG-7: their own body heat gives them away.
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Optical Magnification 1x
Refresh Rate up to 60 Hz
Field of View 23 x 17 degrees
Thermal Sensitivity Up to 60 mK
Spectral Response 8 to 12 microns
Internal Power 2 X AA
Weight 0.52 kg
Dimensions 155x145x70 mm
Image brightness     control
TIG-7 Thermal Goggles
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