Alpha Optics AO-21851UV Image Intensifier Tube

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Alpha Optics AO-21851UV Image Intensifier Tube

Key Features:

- Automatic brightness control (ABC)

- Bright source protection (BSP)

- High-voltage power supply


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Resolution, lp/mm, min50
Luminous Gain at 2x10-6 fc, fl/fc, min16000
Radiant Sensitivity at 254 nm, mA/W, min25
Radiant Sensitivity at 365 nm, mA/W, min30
Input windowQuarz glass
Useful diameter of photocathode, mm minimum18.0
Output Uniformity at 265 nm4 : 1
MTTF, hours10000
Weight, g, max95


The Alpha Optics AO-21851UV is 18mm, Gen 2+, high-gain, high-photosensitivity Inverting Image Intensifier Tube encapsulated within a hard-surface insulating sleeve. This ultraviolet image intensifier has a unique photocathode, structurally related to the multialkaline S20, which has been developed to capture the ultraviolet emission from different sources from solar to coronary.

The AO-21851UV has a built-in high-voltage power supply with overload protection circuit which incorporates (ABC) automatic brightness control to provide constant output image brightness as light levels varies. The power supply also provides (BSP) bright source protection to guard the tube against exposure to high levels of light. The AO-21851UV comes in the “Slim” ANVIS format.