Alpha Optics AO-22525R Image Intensifier Tube

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Alpha Optics AO-22525R/H Image Intensifier Tube

Key Features:

- Higher photo response, resolution and signal-to-noise ratio

- Long operational life

- Auto brightness control

- Bright light protection



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Resolution, lp/mm32 lp/mm minimum
Gain50,000 minimum
Dark background brightness1x10-3 kd/m2, max
Useful diameter of photocathode25 mm minimum
PhotocathodeP43 (P45)
Luminous sensitivity260 µA/lm, minimum
Signal to noise3.2 minimum
Input voltage2 - 3 V
Diameter63 mm
Length76.3 mm
Weight350 g max


Image Intensifier is the main part of the most commercially available night vision devises such as binoculars, monoculars, goggles and weapon sights. Image intensifiers also prove to be usefull in industrial, scientific and military areas, anywhere light amplification is required. Image intensifiers come in different sizes and with glass or fiber optics input / output windows to cover UV, Visible and near IR spectral ranges.

The Alpha Optics AO-22525R 25 mm Gen 2+ image intensifier with S-25 photocathode available with fiber optics input and output windows. Direct replacement for MX9644 and XX2052. The tube comprises a special fiber optic faceplate, microchannel plate (MCP) current amplifier, and phosphor screen. Incorporated electronics includes an advanced automatic brightness control, and manual adjustment to a desired brightness level. Power supply has a built-in photocathode protection against high light level exposure. We also offer an option with the White Phosphor screen.