Alpha Optics AO-22525R/H Image Intensifier Tube

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Alpha Optics AO-22525R/H Image Intensifier Tube

Key Features:

- Higher photo response, resolution, and signal-to-noise ratio

- Long operational life

- Auto brightness control

- Bright light protection

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Resolution, lp/mm32 lp/mm minimum
Gain50,000 minimum
EBI2x10-11 lm/cm2, max
Useful diameter of photocathode25 mm minimum
Luminous sensitivity300 µA/lm, minimum
Signal to noise3.2 minimum
Supply current32 mA max
Diameter63 mm
Length75.6 mm
Weight350 g max


The Alpha Optics AO-22525R/H 25 mm Gen 2+ image intensifier with S-20 photocathode with an extended red response is available with fiber optics input and output windows. It’s a direct replacement for MX9644 and XX2052 models. The tube comprises a special fiber optic faceplate, microchannel plate (MCP) current amplifier, and phosphor screen. Incorporated electronics includes an advanced automatic brightness control, and manual adjustment to a desired brightness level. Power supply has a built-in photocathode protection against high light level exposure.