Alpha Optics AO-2511 Digital NV Binoculars

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Alpha Optics AO-2511 Digital Night Vision Binoculars

Key Features:

- High-performance CCD camera

- Rugged design

- Detachable wide-angle adjustable long-range illuminator

- Brightness discretely adjustable to 8 Levels

- Wireless remote control

- Analog video input (NTSC/PAL) and output (PAL)

- Digital video recorder with SD card (optional)

- Battery life up to 10 hrs with optional battery pack



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Magnification 10 x
Lens System108 mm, F/1.54
Field of View 2.6° x 2.0°
Exit Pupil Diameter 14 mm
Focusing Range10m to infinity
CCD Array Spectral Response0.4 to 1.1 μm
Pixel CCD Array Format976x582
Turn-on Time, max3 sec
Analog Input FormatPAL / NTSC
Analog Output FormatPAL (768 x 574) pix
Remote ControlWireless
Battery TypeTwo CR123 Lithium
Battery Life at 20°CUp to 3 hours
Operating t,°Cfrom -51°C to +50°C
Storage t,°Cfrom -50°C to +70°C
Dimensions 316 x 100 x 76 mm
Weight 1.04 kg


The Alpha Optics AO-2511 digital night vision binoculars with optical 10x magnification are designed for law enforcement and security use, bird watching, camping, hunting, nature observation, or water sports. Sensitive to both near-infrared and visible light, the high-performance CCD imaging system of the Alpha Optics AO-2511 provides round-the-clock service. Both versions are equipped with high-resolution sensors that deliver brilliant displays under all conditions and a standard NTSC/PAL video input/ output function that makes it possible to connect to an external video monitor, or to record images for field documentation or training purposes. The Alpha Optics AO-2511 digital night vision binoculars use the same multi-pin connector to connect the optional digital video recorder and external power access.