Alpha Optics AO-31861 Image Intesifier Tube

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Alpha Optics AO-31861 Image Intesifier Tube

Key Features:

- Automatic brightness control (ABC)

- Bright source protection (BSP)

- High-voltage power supply



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Resolution, lp/mm64 - 72
Luminous Gain at 2x10-6 fcd40000 - 70000
Radiant Sensitivity at 830 nm, mA/W, minimum190 - 220
Photocathode sensitivity, µA/lm1800 - 2200
Signal-to-Noise Ratio22 - 29
Dynamic Range, lux, min/max1x10-6 / 5x103
Useful diameter of photocathode, mm minimum17.5
EBI, 10-11 lm/cm-2, max2.5
Output Uniformity at 2856°K, max3 : 1
MTTF, hours10000
Weight, g90


The Alpha Optics AO-31861 is 18mm, Gen 3, high-gain, high-photosensitivity Inverting Image Intensifier Tube encapsulated within a hard-surface insulating sleeve and suitable for passive night vision systems and goggles. The AO-31861 consists of a high-efficiency (GaAs) extended red photocathode on a twisted fiber optic output window; glass input window; micro-channel plate (MCP) current amplifier.

The AO-31861 has a built-in high-voltage power supply with overload protection circuit which incorporates (ABC) automatic brightness control to provide constant output image brightness as light levels varies. The power supply also provides (BSP) bright source protection to guard the tube against exposure to high levels of light and autogating feature (optional) to protect the tube against exposure to high levels of light.

The AO-31861 comes in the “Slim” ANVIS format and compatible with BNVD-15, PVS-14, or MUM-14 type devices. Options with the White Phosphor screen, autogating power supply and manual gain control are available. We also offer a model that has been developed specifically for aviation applications. It has special arrangements that eliminate a possibility of interaction with cockpit equipment.