Alpha Optics AO-5435/5464/5465 Thermal Imaging Clip-On System

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Alpha Optics AO-5435/5464/5465 Thermal Imaging Clip-On System

Key Features:

- High-aperture F/1.0 lens

- Waterproof and nitrogen purged

- Compact and lightweight

- User friendly menu

- Option of external power supply

- Video output

- Durable aluminum body with rubber grips

- Stands against the recoil of large-caliber weapon

- Quick release mount for the day scope lens;

- Two mount types:

      a. weaver rail in front of the scope and

      b. on the scope lens with the clamp

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Thermal Image Core384 x 288, 17μm 640 x 480, 17μm 640 x 480, 17μm
Spectral Range7.5 to 14 μm 7.5 to 14 μm 7.5 to 14 μm
Frequency50 Hz25 Hz 25 Hz
Sensitivity< 50 mK < 50 mK < 50 mK
Lens System50 mm; F/1.040 mm; F/1.050 mm; F/1.0
Field of View6.3° × 5.0°15.2° × 11.5°12.3° ×9.3°
Optical Zoom1.0x 1.0x 1.0x
Lens FocusManual 5m to ∞Fixed 10m to ∞Fixed 10m to ∞
Battery TypeTwo CR123ATwo CR123ATwo CR123A
Battery Life 5 hrs @ 25°C5 hrs @ 25°C5 hrs @ 25°C
Operating T°C-30°C to +50°C-30°C to +50°C-30°C to +50°C
EnvironmentalIP67 IP67 IP67
Shockproof500 g 500 g 500 g
Dimensions205 × 74 × 60 180 × 72 × 52183 × 74 × 60
Weight 790 g 680 g750 g


The Alpha Optics AO-5435/5464/5465 thermal imaging clip-on system is one of the most advanced scopes in its class. Displaying the thermal differences in the scene, the high-performance thermal imaging system of the device provides round-the-clock, all-weather detection and discrimination of heat-generating objects, including those that are hidden. The device is designed with the shutter-less calibration technology enabling quick start and continuous image without stops and delays. The specially developed control electronics of the device works without complicated menu. Ballistic corrections and four memory slots enable saving zeroing profiles for different distances and different types of ammunition. The AO-5435/5464/5465 is effective at close and long ranges regardless of light and weather conditions, such as in total darkness or through smoke, haze, fog, and light rain.