Alpha Optics AO-MUM-14A NV Monocular

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Alpha Optics AO-MUM-14A Night Vision Monocular

Key Features:

- Multipurpose device

- Compact, rugged design

- Head, helmet, or weapon mountable for hands-free usage

- Waterproof

- Built-in IR illuminator and flood lenses

- Auto brightness control

- Bright light cutoff

- Ergonomic, simple, easy to operate control

- Adaptable for use with cameras

- MIL-STD-810

PDF icon Download Spec Sheet (979.32 KB)
Image Intensifier TubeGen 2+, Gen 3
Field of View40°
Diopter Adjustmentfrom -6 to +4
Focus Range0.25 m to infinity
Lens System27 mm; F/1.2
Battery TypeOne CR123A or one 1.5 V AA
Battery Life (operating)Up to 40 hours at 20°C
Operating TemperatureFrom -37°C to +54°C
Storage TemperatureFrom -51°C to +71°C
Enviromental RatingIPX8
Shockproof450 g’s
Dimensions (L x W x H)114 x 49 x 79 mm
Weight275 g


The Alpha Optics AO-MUM-14A is a high performance modular, hand-held passive night vision monocular device that utilizes a single Generation 2+, or Generation 3 intensifier tube to provide crisp, clear images under the darkest conditions. The Alpha Optics AO-MUM-14A “single tube / single eyepiece” approach to night vision missions is based upon the proven concept that independent use of each eye maximizes the ability to operate under a wide range of low light conditions maintaining optimal situational awareness and flexibility of equipment applications.

Small, lightweight and versatile, the Alpha Optics AO-MUM-14A gives you a high performance 2nd or 3rd generation system in the smallest package available. With its unique electronic switch performance, the Alpha Optics AO-MUM-14A does not require an adapter to convert from AA to CR123A batteries. The Alpha Optics AO-MUM-14A can be weapon mounted, head/helmet mounted, handheld, or optionally attached to cameras and extender 3x/5x afocal objective lenses. Also available a dual-system head/helmet mount that allows two Alpha Optics AO-MUM-14A’s to become one binocular system. The on-axis rail system permits the Alpha Optics AO-MUM-14A to use a wide range of mounting options.