Alpha Optics AO-MUM-14A NV Monocular

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Alpha Optics AO-MUM-14A Night Vision Monocular

Key Features:

- Multipurpose device

- Compact, rugged design

- Head, helmet, or weapon mountable for hands-free usage

- Waterproof

- Built-in IR illuminator and flood lenses

- Auto brightness control

- Bright light cutoff

- Ergonomic, simple, easy to operate control

- Adaptable for use with cameras

- MIL-STD-810

- Hard waterproof case included

PDF icon Download Spec Sheet (675.53 KB)
Image Intensifier TubeGen 2+, Gen 3
Field of View40°
Diopter Adjustmentfrom -6 to +4
Focus Range0.25 m to infinity
Lens System27 mm; F/1.2
Battery TypeOne CR123A or one 1.5 V AA
Battery Life (operating)Up to 40 hours at 20°C
Operating TemperatureFrom -37°C to +54°C
Storage TemperatureFrom -51°C to +71°C
Enviromental RatingIPX8
Shockproof450 g’s
Dimensions (L x W x H)114 x 49 x 79 mm
Weight275 g


The Alpha Optics AO-MUM-14A is a high performance modular, hand-held passive night vision monocular device that utilizes a single Generation 2+, or Generation 3 intensifier tube to provide crisp, clear images under the darkest conditions. Its “single tube / single eyepiece” approach to night vision missions is based upon the proven concept that independent use of each eye maximizes the ability to operate under a wide range of low light conditions maintaining optimal situational awareness and flexibility of equipment applications.

Small, lightweight, and versatile, the AO-MUM-14A gives you a high-performance 2nd or 3rd generation system in the smallest package available. With its unique electronic switch performance, it does not require an adapter to convert from AA to CR123A batteries. The AO-MUM-14A can be weapon mounted, head/helmet mounted, handheld, or optionally attached to cameras and extender 3x/5x afocal objective lenses. Also available a dual-system head/helmet mount that allows two AO-MUM-14A’s to become one binocular system. The on-axis rail system permits the Alpha Optics AO-MUM-14A to use a wide range of mounting options.