ALPHA OPTICS AVS-9 Aviation Night Vision Goggles

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ALPHA OPTICS AVS-9 Aviation Night Vision Goggles

Key Features:

- Lightweight

- Innovative Ergonomic Design

- Compatible with practically all types of helmets

- “Minus Blue” filters

- Low profile battery packs

- Low battery indicator

- Nitrogen purged

- Carrying case included

PDF icon Download Spec Sheet (738.43 KB)
Magnification 1x
Field of View 40°
Image IntensifierGen 2+ or Gen 3
Diopter Adjustment from -6 to +2
Eye Relief25 mm
Objective Lens27 mm
Battery TypeOne 1.5 V AA , Alcaline
Battery LifeUp to 50 hours
Operating TemperatureFrom -32°C to +51°C
Dimensions (L x W x H)116 x 130 x 89 mm
Weight530 g


Recent design improvements to the aviation night vision imaging system (ANVIS) increase situational awareness, improve system performance, and enhance ergonomic characteristics. The device features binocular viewing for optimized depth perception and large 25 mm eyepieces that provide improved eye relief, accommodating operators wearing eyeglasses. Ergonomically designed interface controls (including inter-pupillary and vertical/fore-aft/tilt adjustments) provide improved system fields-of-view.

The ALPHA OPTICS AVS-9 accepts integration of different grades of image intensifier tubes, enabling performance characteristics to be matched to operational requirements. Rotary and fixed-wing versions are available.