Alpha Optics Standard PVS-14 J-ARM Adaptor

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Alpha Optics Standard PVS-14 J-ARM Adaptor

Compatible with the following Night Vision Monoculars:           

AO-PVS-14        AO-PVS-14-51        AO-6015        AO-6015-51        AO-PVS-14 OMEGA         AO-PVS-14-51 OMEGA

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Dimensions9.3 x 8.0 x 3.3 cm
Weight50 grams


Alpha Optics Standard PVS-14 J-Arm Adaptor is used to attach the Night Vision Monocular to the standard bayonet connector (for helmet mount and head mount). It screws into the threaded hole in the body housing and lines up two contacts which complete an electrical circuit. This gives the J-Arm the ability to shut down power to the night vision device when the user flips the mount up, saving battery power and limiting visibility of the glow emitted from the ocular lens.