AO-NPLS Nitrogen Purge & Leak Station

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AO-NPLS Nitrogen Purge & Leak Station

Key Features:

- Built-in electrically operated vacuum pump and compressor

- Compatible with variety night vision and daytime optical devices

- Easy to assemble and operate

- Rechargeable battery

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Nitrogen supply tank pressure (nominal)1500 psi / 100 atm
Pressure regulator1500-75 psi / 5 atm
Max allowed pressure drop0.06 psi/min (or consult manufacturer)
Initial nitrogen pressure3.0 ±0.5 psi
Temperature22 ± 5°C
Relative Humidity55% Max


Alpha Optics Nitrogen Purge and Leak Station uses nitrogen purging method to remove the moisture/water vapor and oxygen to create a dry environment within optical devices using nitrogen, reliable dry gas, which is economic, safe (when handled properly) and chemically inert with most metals and materials. Nitrogen purging and leak test is required for final assembly and as a basic maintenance measure to keep the interior parts dry and clean. With Alpha Optics Nitrogen Purge and Leak Station this operation is fast, simple, and safe. The system control unit performs air and nitrogen extraction, nitrogen fill-up and Leak testing (pressure maintenance). The system operates using a self-contained rechargeable battery with extended operation life. The Station goes through a quality control process to meet high standard manufacturing, performance, and safety regulations.