ELCAN Specter OS4X Dual Role Optical Sight

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ELCAN Specter OS4X Dual Role Optical Sight

Key Features:

- Lightweight, streamlined housing for optimum weight reduction

- High efficiency broadband coatings

- Large exit pupil diameter for extended low light performance

- Generous 70 mm eye relief

- Shock protected precision optics for rugged, reliable performance


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Magnification4x nominal
Field of View6 ° nominal
Entrance Pupil Diameter32 mm
Exit Pupil DiameterMin 7.7 mm
Eye Releif70 mm
Optical Axis Height39 mm above the rail
ReticleIlluminated red dot with 5.56
NATO ballistic drop reticle
Mount CompatibilityMIL-STD 1913
Battery / LifeDL 1/3N (3000hrs average)
Dimensions (L x W x H)153 x 62 x 69 mm
Weight528 g


The ELCAN SpecterOS4x Optical Sight is a fixed power 4x optical telescopic weapon sight and consists of single main housing that encloses the optics and the integral mount assembly. This design places all of the optics in a sealed, hardened optical housing protected from the environment. All mechanical adjustments of the sight are controlled by the elevation and azimuth zeroing mechanisms in the mount assembly.

The optical housing provides excellent vision in low light levels. It also provides for rapid target acquisition and identification at short, intermediate, and long ranges. The sight incorporates LED’s for red dot and reticle illumination under CQB or low light conditions. The ballistically compensated reticle consists of a cross hair or chevron with horizontal stadia lines for shooting at various ranges. The SFOV4-C1 model incorporates a Vertical Subtention Optical Rangefinder (VSOR) within the field of view. The optical sight has no internal surfaces that will reflect laser interrogation.

The mount has two levers which fasten the sight to the ‘Picatinny’ rail and allow the sight to be removed and reattached without the need to re-zero. The mount is adjustable for zero in both elevation and azimuth (windage). The mount is designed to withstand rough usage in operation. Anti-backlash springs in the elevation and azimuth mechanisms permit flexibility, but always return the sight to the zero position. A tension spring between the optical main body and the mount rail grabber removes vertical movement by applying tension to the two halves of the mount.

The ELCAN SpecterOS4x is an extremely rugged tool designed to withstand the rigors of modern professional use