EOTech 518 Holographic Weapon Sight

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EOTech 518 Holographic Weapon Sight

Key Features:

- Magnifier Compatible

- Adjustable, locking quick-detach lever fits both 1" Weaver and MIL-STD-1913 rail

- Operates on 2 common AA Alkaline or Lithium batteries

- Easy adjust side buttons

- Single cross bolt

- 3 m waterproof

- Raised base

PDF icon Download Spec Sheet (1.02 MB)
Night Vision CompatibilityNONE
Field of View 28 m @ 8 cm relief
Eye Relief Unlimited
Adjustment (per click) Approx 0.5 MOA (12.7mm at 91m) when zeroing
Reticle Option:
518. A650- 68 min ring and 1 MOA aiming dot
512. 22- 68 min ring and (2) 1 MOA aiming dot
Battery Type Two 1.5 V AA batteries
Battery Life1000 hrs (for lithium); 600 hrs (for alkaline)
Sealing Internally fog-resistant optics
Water ResistantSubmersible to 3 m depth
Dimensions (L x W x H)143 x 51 x 64 mm
Weight 391.2 g


The EOTech 518 HWS is a lightweight, non-magnifying, optical sight designed for close to mid range engagements. It allows very fast target acquisition and engagement at short ranges while providing aiming capability out to 300 meters. The major advantage of the HWS is extremely rapid reticle-on-target acquisition. The sight allows operators to maintain eye contact on the target and to place the holographic reticle onto the target without shifting focus. Operators can quickly acquire the target and reticle in the same focal plane for fast and accurate shot placement. Another advantage of the HWS is the full field of view which allows the operator better situational awareness. Utilizing natural binocular vision is an advantage of this sighting system, as well as additional hazard identification through increased operator situational awareness and peripheral vision.

The 518 runs on easy to find AA batteries but offers all of the features found in EOTech’s EXPS top of the line sight. With side button functionality you can reduce rail space when partnering the 518 with an EOTech magnifier.

If you have a night vision device for home protection, look at the 552.  Same great sight and features plus night vision-compatibility.