Pulsar ACCOLADE 2 LRF Thermal Imaging Binoculars

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Pulsar ACCOLADE 2 LRF Thermal Imaging Binoculars

Key Features:

- Comfortable for long observation

- Build-in laser rangefinder

- Variable interpupillary distance

- High refresh rate 50 Hz

- Built-in video recorder

- Built-in Wi-Fi module

- Wi-Fi video transmission

- Live internet video sharing

- Frost resistant AMOLED display

- Stadiametric rangefinder

- Quick-change long-life rechargeable battery packs

- Fully waterproof IPX7

PDF icon Download Spec Sheet (997.77 KB)
Sensor Type640x480 pix. @ 17 µm
Refresh Rate50Hz
Lens System50 mm; F/1.2
Diameter Lens42 mm
Field of view 12.4° × 9.3°
Magnification2.5 - 20x
Digital Zoom2x / 4x / 8x
Display Resolution640x480
Detection Range1800 m
Video-Photo Resolution640x480
Build-In Memory16 Gb
Wi-Fi Frequency2.4 GHz
Environmental RatingIPX7
Operating Temperature-25°C to +50°C
Battery TypePulsar B-Pack(Li-ion)
Battery Life at 22°C9 hours
External Power Supply5V
Dimentions164 x 130 x 64
Weight 600 g


The innovative Accolade 2 LRF thermal binoculars lead the thermal industry in advanced technology, image clarity and long-range detection. Based on quality thermal imaging sensors with resolution 640x480 with 17 µm pixel pitch ACCOLADE 2 LRF can produce a highly detailed image at 50 frames per second in complete darkness. Incorporating an integrated laser rangefinder with two precise ranging modes lets users adjust quickly to changing distances. The dual eyepiece configuration reduces eye fatigue during longer viewing and enhances the natural look of objects. Detecting objects at long distances is an important feature for optics users in outdoor environments. Eight custom colour modes ensure clear object distinction in virtually any condition. Optic quality and the best thermal imaging sensor available make a unique combination designed to deliver the longest detection range possible. The ability to adjust the distance between eyepieces allows the user to best position the optic for individual needs. Interpupillary distance differs from person to person. The built-in video recorder is a great asset when it comes to filming or taking photos of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Rain, snow, fog, high waves or waterways, the IPX7 waterproof rating ensures the device won’t fail in even the toughest wet weather conditions.