Pulsar AXION 2XQ35 PRO Thermal Imaging Monocular

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Pulsar AXION 2XQ35 PRO Thermal Imaging Monocular

Key Features:

Enhanced image processing algorithms

High-quality reinforced magnesium alloy housing

Highly sensitive thermal imaging sensor

NETD <25mK

Fast aperture F35/1.0 lens

Variable magnification

Detection range up to 1300 m

Build-in photo and video Recorder

Image Boost Technology

Fast start-up time

Extended battery life

High-contrast AMOLED Display

8 colour palettes

Improved Wi-Fi connectivity with 2.4/5 GHZ waveband support

Stream Vision 2 App supported

IPX7 Waterproof Rated

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Sensor TypeUncooled 17 μm
Resolution, pixels384 x 288
NETD, mK<25
Refresh Rate, Hz50 Hz
Lens SystemF35/1.0
Eye Relief, mm14
Field of view (H x V)10.7° × 8°
Magnification (x)2-8 (x4 zoom)
Focusing Range-4 / +5
Detection Distance, m1300
Display TypeAMOLED
Resolution, pixels640x400
Environmental RatingIPX7
Battery TypeAPS5 Li-ion Battery Pack
Battery Life at 22°C, hrs11
Operating Temperature, °C-25°C to +40°C
Dimensions, mm152 x 50 x 74
Weight with Batteries, kg0.38


The Axion 2XQ35 PRO thermal imaging monocular provide high-quality rendering of both target objects and background. Three levels of signal amplification in combination with a connected smoothing filter and fine brightness and contrast adjustments give great opportunities for long-range detection under different weather and temperature conditions. A magnesium alloy housing is light and strong. It reliably protects the internal components from shocks, drops, moisture, heat or cold, and, at the same time, effectively removes the heat from electronics, minimizes image noise and increases consistency of the device operation during long-term observation. The Axion 2XQ35 PRO is equipped with a Lynred sensors with a resolution of 384x288 pixels (pixel size 17 µm) / 640x480 pixels (pixel size 12 µm), which qualitatively capture a useful signal under difficult observation conditions, such as rain, fog and high atmospheric humidity at the observation site. A powerful F35/1.0 objective lens combined with a highly sensitive thermal imaging sensors provide exceptional detection capabilities. A standard 1.8m tall object can be detected up to 1300 m away in complete darkness. Small weight of the monocular makes it a perfect option for long outdoor trips when light yet capable unit is necessary.