Pulsar Digisight ULTRA Digital Night Vision Weapon Sight

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Pulsar Digisight ULTRA Digital Night Vision Weapon Sight

Key Features:

- Enhanced sensitivity in the nighttime

- Over 500 m nighttime viewing range

- 10 shapes / 6 color reticles

- 5 individual shooting profiles / 50 shooting distances

- Stream Vision. Integration with iOS and Android Devices

- Wi-Fi. Remote control, observation and live YouTube stream Using Smartphone

- Fully waterproof

- Stadiametric rangefinder

- Suitable for daytime use

- Instant power up

PDF icon Download Spec Sheet (686.26 KB)
SensorCMOS 1280x720
Magnification4.5 – 18 (x4 zoom)
IR Illuminator wavelength, nm850 (long-range) and 940 (invisible)
Detection range, m550 and 500
Objective lensF50/1.2
Field of view, degrees/m @ 100 m6.2x4.7 / 10.9x8.2
Eye relief, mm50
Operating temperature -25°C to +50°C
Battery typeLi-Ion Battery Pack IPS5
Dimensions, mm370x73x74
Weight, kg0.83


The Digisight Ultra weapon sight is a versatile device designed for a wide range of professional and amateur applications such as hunting, sports shooting, night video recording and observation. It utilizes proprietary software, cutting-edge electronic components, and signal-processing algorithms to deliver one of the industry’s highest values of sensitivity in nighttime. The result is a device offering flawless passive-mode performance in deep twilight, without switching on IR illumination. In complete darkness (no stars or the Moon) use of the built-in LED IR Illuminator with 850nm or 940nm wavelength (invisible range) is highly recommended. High nighttime sensitivity, high resolution display and sensor, high magnification, and a powerful built-in IR illuminator for operation in total darkness make the Digisight Ultra the perfect tool for target detection at distances of 500+ meters. Highly sensitive CMOS sensor delivers a high definition image with precise detail rendering. ‘Picture-in-Picture’ mode allows the user to add an extra frame to the display. Sized only 1/10 of the total display’s, the frame shows enlarged image of the target and reticle. This allows the user to see both: enlarged image of the aiming area and the full field of view. The Digisight Ultra is equipped with a recorder which enables video shooting and image capturing at the time of observation. Video and photo files saved in the internal memory can be transferred to a PC/laptop or mobile device via wired or Wi-Fi connection.